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(Archived) list view without thumbnails



after casting wide and reviewing even the venerable yojimbo i have made my home in evernote. syncing, import/export-ing, searching, inputting are all superior.


the user interface is too cluttered.

for example in the three column 'list-view' i would expect the notebooks in the left, titles in the chosen notebook in the middle and the whole contents in the right-most.

as it is, i am annoyed by the meaningless thumbnails in the mid column. how do i switch them off? and when i scroll down the middle column, why doesn't the right column not change to show the relevant content.

i would also prefer next-previous arrows in the right column.

or am i doing it all wrong?

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Select View, then select List View

In my opinion, the List View is far more appealing and user friendly than the default Thumbnail View

And check out some of the other options to change the appearance in the Windows client version

F8 - Toggle note info

F10 - Toggle note list

F11 - Toggle side panel

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yes indeed! the list view is the less clunky one.

my puzzle is, how do i navigate from a note to another.

say i select 'list view' and pick 'all notebooks', the right panel shows the first note and sits there. how do i browse on? there are no next-prev buttons and no list of notes in the folder to click on.

and oh, i use an intel mac - has eN forgotten we are used to intuitive interfaces?


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my puzzle is, how do i navigate from a note to another.

In the list view, there are 3 panels

1.) Left Panel

2.) Note Titles (upper right)

3.) Notes (lower right)

To go from one note to the next, click on one of the titles. Then using your up or down arrow to move through the notes. If you want more space for the notes (lower panel), just resize the border.

My preference is to make the note title window about 2/3rds of the page with the actual notes covering the lower 1/3rd

And there are several other tweaks to gain more space.

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thanks jb...

on my mac the upper-right title panel had shrunk to nothingness; after reading you i had to poke around to expose it.

wish they'd make it show at least two titles or the blank space for them. colour defined panels would be better. customisable colours even more so.

but again, i am a mac-guy given to expecting good user interfaces


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wish they'd make it show at least two titles or the blank space for them.

In Windows, and I believe in Apple, the default size for the Note Titles (in the list view) is approximately half the screen, so you will see quite a few titles.

But as I mentioned above, it is possible to select other options and tweak the screens to collapse the view, which will give you more viewing area on some windows, but less on others.

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