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Missing bullet upon hitting the "Return" ("Enter") key

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I've noticed a glitch when making a bulleted list whereby I will hit "Return" and the following line will NOT start out with a bullet.  Instead it treats it as if I clicked "Shift + Return."  It's hard to explain. 

 This occurs quite frequently yet seemingly randomly.

I've noticed for a while when using both the iOS app and the desktop based app that sometimes.


Anyone else notice this?

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There has been an on-going problem with the EN client (in my case Windows) not showing the last line of a note when using bullets.

If I have a bulleted list and at the end of the displayable area, when I hit enter (start new bullet), the new line is not visible.

This has been one of my major pet peeves for several years. Never get a response. Obviously their UIX team doesn't work with real data/real customers.

A klutzy work-around is to just type any character and then back-space over it.

Just to throw in another comment I've seen repeated over and over: Please make outline a real feature. Collapsible, moveable. Heck, even OS tools (markdown editors) do this.



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