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Remove user from a shared notebook


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Hi there,

I am trying to remove user from some shared notebooks. After clicking 'Modify Sharing', I couldn't see the 'X' next to their name, while some of the shared notebooks are showing the 'X', as shown in the pictures. Is there any settings I have to do? 

Thanks for your help.


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Hi.  Not that I know of - if you shared by email address,  you should be able to unshare the same way.  The only other way I know of to exclude a user would be to create another notebook and move all your current notes into it,  then delete the original.  If there are other users with the same share,  you'd also cut them off and would need to re-share.

If you're using the web client it would be worth changing to another version (in settings) to make sure this is not just a glitch with that version...

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