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All content missing after logging in for the first time in a few years

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I signed up originally in 2014 to keep class notes. At that time I was using the evernote app on both my macbook pro and on my iPhone. Several years later I ended up switching to google docs for note keeping, and so I did not end up logging in again until recently, as I was trying to look at some old notes. Upon logging in to my old account I found that everything was gone, as if the account was completely new, but upon checking my account summary I was able to confirm that this is the same account I was using in 2014. I have downloaded the app on my phone again and it shows the same thing as the browser version. Are all my notes gone now? Nothing shows up in the trash so I can't access them that way. 

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  • Evernote Staff*

@sdysart@gmail.com, when you were using both your MBP and iPhone, were they staying in sync in regards to all the notes you created? Or is it possible that all the notes you took never synchronized successfully to the server?

Another issue that is quite common is that users forget what account they previously used and either create a new account or log into a different account. Did you try logging into any other email addresses you may have created an account with?

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