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Accidental Notebook Delete



Note menus are a little counter intuitive sometimes but this one just consecutively slapped me in the face and then kicked me in the butt.

I accidentally clicked delete note...book having intended just deleting the individual note. I thought it was highlighted or don't remember where I was clicking now but   ... its all gone.


I had some 400 handwritten notes (digital pad) from the course of 4 years in that notebook .... is it all in my trash? I can't see where the notebook went. Is that inaccessible?


I thought, hey! I can see if I can check if I can save this thing by looking at whats on the smartphone... all I got to see was the note count decrement to zero right before my eyes.

Over the years I've smirked at these sort of posts... now I'm the big dummy.  :(


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If you delete a notebook with notes inside, the notes go to the trash.

As long as you do not empty the trash, the notes can be recovered. But it is not possible to recover the notebook.

So the best way to get things back to normal is to first recreate the deleted notebook as a new empty notebook.

Then use a desktop client if possible, go to the trash, select all notes you want to restore and select the „Move notes to ...“ command to move the selected notes from trash into the new notebook. If on the web client or a mobile client, you can move one note at a time only.

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