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Phone in pocket edited my note and removed important info



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Hi, and welcome to the forums, and also Yikes. If your phone also pocket-synced the note, then the material is definitely lost. You can check this by going to https://www.evernote.com/client/web and logging in (being sure to use the same login credentials, otherwise you'll create a new account by accident). If the material is still present there, then you're good, the edit didn't sync from the phone to the Evernote servers (which are always reflected in the Web version). I'd suggest doing some minor edit in the Web version, which will probably create a conflicting changes version of the note on your phone. Compare that with the synced version and see which one has what you want.

But if the data are also gone in the Web version, then your only solution would be to sign up for Premium for just one month. That will get you access to the note history that is maintained for all accounts (but is accessible only through Premium). If you're able to recover the lost material there, well and good, and you can switch back to the Basic subscription.

BTW, which type of phone, Android or iPhone?

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I had this same thing happen to me except I tried to sync a note to my phone that wasn't updated. It wouldn't sync, so I updated the note on my desktop about 11 hours ago.

Now I open the note and the version that I was seeing on my phone (pre-sync) is the there.

An answer came through, but I'm posting this in case there's an issue since it is unusual for the same problem to happen so frequently in a short period of time.

This was on Android. The web version is also the phone-version of the note so no luck there.

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