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Apple watch -> web (sync interval)

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I'm new to Evernote and have the following question.

When I add a note using my Apple Watch the note is not instantly sync'ed to the web. Nothing happens until I open the iPhone app. I noticed that it syncs very quickly if I open the Evernote app on the phone. But is starting the app a requirement? Do I need to open the iPhone App to sync my Apple Watch notes?

If the question is yes: will the iOS Evernote app sync on a specific interval during the day so I can avoid manually opening the app (I can see Evernote has access to background processes)?

I'm trying to find a solution where I can add a note/todo using my Apple Watch and where I shouldn't rely on opening an app on the iPhone to sync it to the web.

Best regards,

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1) EN on the Watch has a reduced set of functions, as it is true for many watch apps. It depends on the connected iPhone to perform certain operations. So when the iPhone app is not active, a new note stays on the watch.

2) To Sync you just need to open the app on the iPhone. It makes contact with the watch and syncs. When I tried, the new note showed in a blink on the iPhone in the EN app, and a few seconds later it already appeared on my iPad. This transfer happened through the EN server, not by direct sync between devices.

3) You can take new notes whenever you want to - if you are for example in a training just with your watch, just grab what crosses your mind. To move it to the server, just open the EN app on your iPhone. Everything happens then automatically.

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Thank you. I suspected that the service works this way. 


I was hoping to use the watch more as an independant device (especially since it carries an esim card) but I can see that it's stil dependent on the iPhone (in several cases). 

Best regards,

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Hello Peter,

yes, the watch can work for a certain time alone, but it can not be operated without an iPhone. This has nothing to do with the EN app.

In itself restrictions are that the eSIM is strictly local - there is no roaming available. At home you can go for a walk watch-only,  and can be reached by phone, but abroad, the eSIM does not work. By the way, using the watches phone is much better when it is connected to a pair of AirPods.

Then I use the iPhones camera quite often. There is no camera on the watch, but (and I love this possibility) you can remote control the iPhones camera from meters away through the watch. I can see the picture on the watch, and I can trigger when the situation is right.

So at the moment, the watch is a super extension for the iPhone, but still no replacement. Plus the watch does some things the iPhone can not do.

Have fun !

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