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I paid for premium on 10/14 in the amount of 69.99. I am still unable to access my account because it tells me to continue the process of payment. My credit card shows that the payment went through on 10/14. I want my account activated and the full year to begin with the activation date. I tried getting a ticket however they want you to have a backup number which I do not have. I have personal items on Evernote and I will not give somebody else access. I find it unconscionable that it is so difficult to contact Evernote with such an issue


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Hi.  You added this post to another thread on something completely different,  so I split it into a new topic.  This is a mainly user-supported forum,  so we have no input on payment issues. 

Try logging out of Evernote and back in to force the app to reset - that might be enough to trigger the upgrade.  If that fails,  you should contact Support via https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new - there's an option to 'continue as a guest',  and there's no requirement to give a contact number - though Evernote do need to establish that you're the authorised user of your account,  so you'll need to give your user name and password at some time...

I'll flag this post as a payment problem,  so Evernote may be able to comment here - if you can get a Support ticket reference,  please post it back here so they can link this thread with your support request.

Edit:  sorry - forgot to add this link..



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