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Index of Evernote improvements (from Forum asks)


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Release notes are all well and good, but how do Evernote Forum users keep track of recent tweaks to the various EN platforms resulting from questions and comments submitted to the various forums?

A knowledge management tool like Evernote certainly has the internal resources to hire a trained indexer to create and provide weekly summaries of changes made, doesn't it?

Currently, requests for product improvements seen in the weekly Evernote User Forum email push merely provide a serendipitous means of learning more about EN's capabilities.  It's better than nothing, but this isn't the way the mind works best.  I'm always feeling like there are many greater efficiencies to enhance my productivity in EN, but that there's no clear path to discovering them.

By the way, this is posting on the eve of creating my 30,000th note, 10 years and going strong!

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