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How to work with Latex (or Lyx) project laying in Evernote record?

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Hi All,

I have Latex like document created in LyX-document processor. Like  a Latex-file, lyx document can include external files with  images and texts.  For example  every chapter of my book may be in separate file and main file incudes them to resulting  document. 
  In the current moment, I can succesfully work only single LyX file inserted as attachment to Evernote record. Is there a way to put several files to the Evernote record and wwork with them as project?
I think it would be somthing like this: 
1. I am making double click on main files of project.
2. Evernote  puts main file and other files of project to the temporary directory.
3. Evernote runs  associated application (LyX in my case) and gives a path to clicked file to the aplication.


Best regards,



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Hi.  Evernote will only open a single file attached to a note if the host operating system recognises the file type and can connect it to the parent application.  Opening files and moving them to temporary directories is not something that Evernote can do.  In the Windows OS opened files are moved to the Attachments folder so that they are available to the parent application.

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