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Handwriting disappears in evernote

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This happened a couple of times for me today. I clicked on handwriting Icon and proceeded to draw the content. Then when I clicked done, the handwriting is no longer in the page. There are two other handwritings that I have already successfully added. But when I tried to add a new drawing underneath, that new drawing disappeared after I clicked done. 

Likewise when I edited a handwriting and clicked done, my edits disappeared. 

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When you use the Apple Pencil and then you move to another app, for example to copy something, and then you come back to Evernote, you loose the handwritten text. There is no way to save without closing the note you are handwriting.


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Since there is no „save“ option, closing the note is at the same time the save-command.

Unfortunately it does more than just saving, especially when editing long notes one is losing position as well. Not nice - maybe this will be solved in a way when EN starts to support 2 open sessions of the app at the same time. I have no idea when this will happen, though...

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