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(Archived) "Clip to EverNote" for Chrome, v4.0.9.1535


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I have been using the EverNote extension for Chrome (I'm using it in SRWare Iron), generally without problem; great utility.

Every now and again, though, it seems to get stuck on the last web page I clipped to EN. That is, when I am viewing a new web page (same tab or different tab) and click the Clip to EverNote button, the title is that of the last page I clipped.

Any suggestions for how to fix this would be appreciated...

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Using on Mac OS X, and I'm getting the same behavior. Except for me, it is actually worse. When I "Clip to Save" the current page, it just keeps re-saving the last successfully saved page, and the title is not set to the current page's title, but the last thing I entered (interestingly, not the "stuck" page that is re-saving).

This has to be a bug...

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