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(Archived) Can Evernote be used for this type of monthly report?

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My company compiles a monthly report on a spreadsheet. Its our target accounts. We sell for several different companies, and we have five salespeople. We used to have our office girl coordinate it. She would separate out each salesperson, email the spreadsheet to them to update, then combine them all, and then separate off each company to submit the report. But she's overworked, and we're trying something different. Google Docs works to a certain point for us. All our salespeople can log into Google Docs and update their accounts. We only have one copy of the spreadsheet, so we don't have problems with old versions floating around. And we can sort the spreadsheet, so a salesman can see all his accounts right next to each other. My problem is when we try to separate off the report to send to the companies we sell for. Obviously, we don't want Company A to see the targets for Company B. We need to filter the spreadsheet by Company, and export that for printing and emailing. This is where Google Docs fails us: there is no easy filtering of data in Google Docs. We also tried using Apple's Mobile Me, but you needed to download the file, update it, then upload it. We ran into problems where someone would download, then someone else would download, the first person would finish and upload, but those changes would be lost when the second person uploaded.

Our column titles are as follows: Salesperson, Company, Target, Target City/State, Product, Potential $, Satus (a text box with a summary paragraph.)

Online, the spreadsheet sorted by Salesperson first, then Company, then Target works fine. But when we report to the companies we sell for, we need to separate out one particular company, then email it to them.

Can six people share a spreadsheet in Evernote, and make changes in the cloud, and retain Excel's ability to filter? Do you have any other suggestions?



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If you're not happy with the experience of collaborating on the spreadsheet via Google Docs, than I suspect that Evernote may be even less suitable for your needs. If two different people were to edit the same spreadsheet at the same time, then you would not be able to reconcile those changes very easily via Evernote.

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