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  1. Thanks. I've been using Evernote for years, and love it. So we couldn't drag and drop the Dropbox folders into Evernote and they are converted to Notebooks and sub-Notebooks?
  2. I have a new job, and they use Dropbox extensively. I want to sell them on using Evernote, but didn't know if we could drag and drop the existing file structure from Dropbox into Evernote. From there we can add tags, and exploit the other functionality of Evernote. If we can't, I don't think I can convince them to use Evernote. Has anyone converted from Dropbox?
  3. Is there way for Evernote to search the titles of emails sent to it? I frequently get emailed sales leads. I forward those to Evernote, and change the Fwd in the title to Lead. I would like to search the titles of the notes for the word Lead (or, ideally, search the first word of the title of the note.) Is that possible? Thanks Phil
  4. I took a picture of the price tag of something I wanted for Christmas. I searched on a word in the picture (Sony), which was also in the note title. The Preview pane showed the picture, but when I clicked on the note, the picture never showed. I could go back and see the pane, but the picture was too small for me to read the model number. I had just updated Evernote tonight. I also tried on my iPhone and iPad, but the same thing happened. I could only see a preview, but not the picture in the full note. Then the picture disappeared altogether. I got a message warning me of a sync conflict, but still no picture. What's going on?
  5. Help! I email pdf's of my call reports to Evernote, so I can search them easily. The way I do it is name the email starting with "CR", and every once and awhile highlight a batch of them, then tag them with "Call Report" and move them to the "Call Report" folder. This last time I highlighted a couple hundred of them, and I accidentally hit "Merge". I can't find an "undo" button. I'm using a Mac, and do have a Time Machine backup from this weekend, but is there anything else I can do to straighten this out? I can't just delete them and re-enter the files, since they are in Apple's page format, not pdf. Thanks Phil
  6. A lot of the guys I work with are getting iPads, and look to me as their 'guru.' Evernote is the program I use the most. I would like to share several notebooks with my colleagues. The questions I have: 1. Will they be able to update and change the notebook? 2. If the answer to #1 is yes, will that be reflected in my notebook? 3. I am a paid subscriber. It looks like my colleagues are going to have free accounts. Can I still share with them? Will those notebooks count against their data cap? 4. Will the tags sync as well? Thanks Phil
  7. Does Evernote allow its program to be used with a skin over it? What I mean by that is, if a company likes Evernote, and wants to use it only for business, can Evernote be rebranded as "Company X" app on the iPad? So it looks like salespeople are using a company developed program, and not one available to the masses.
  8. Thanks Lindsey. This company has its HQ in New Jersey, so I might want your contact info to pass along.
  9. It would mainly be as an information library when in front of the customer: Tech Data Sheets, Material Safety Data Sheets, Presentations, etc.
  10. I have been approached by a division of a large chemical company to help devise a strategy for using iPads for salespeople. I have my own iPad, and using Evernote is key to my sales method. Can a company create a notebook to be shared with its salesforce (~100 people), and control what goes into that notebook? Can it standardize tags used in that notebook? Thanks Phil
  11. I use Speedtext HD. Its for handwriting only, but also lets you insert icons, and have the icons correspond to tags in Evernote. So when I am taking notes, and someone gives me an action item, I insert a Star icon, and when the note gets exported to Evernote, it is tagged with "Needs Action Item Completed."
  12. I made a search for "No Tags", but I'm having problems. I can get a list of all notes that aren't tagged, but, when I try to tag them, they disappear from the list. If there is just one tag, that's fine, but if I want to tag a note with multiple tags, or a group of notes with the same tags, how can I do it?
  13. Also, if I send him a ton of notes, does that use up all his monthly bandwidth?
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