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Note vanished on my Android Tablet

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Hi there, a few hours ago I made a note on my Android Tablet (in my home, connected to WiFi). Then I left it there for a few hours and when I wanted to work on it more, the note was gone. An empty note was open but all my content was gone. I checked on Evernote Web, also in the trash bin, but nothing there. This is very very unfortunate. Is there any hope to get my notes back??

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Hi.  Difficult to suggest what might have happened to your note - if you left it on screen,  AFAIK the tablet shouldn't have timed out,  and Evernote should have synced the content:  in which event you'd still be able to see it.  As that's not the case,  I'm afraid you have to assume that something bad happened and it's gone forever.  Best advice - if you leave a note,  even for a short while,  close it down - so Evernote can sync,  and your tablet can snooze until you get back.

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