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On my computer, it's located at: C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote. Try there first.

You can also locate it in the Start Menu, right-click on it, select Move, then "Open File location" That will bring up a File Explorer window containing a Windows shortcut for Evernote. You can right-click on that, select Properties, and that will tell you where the actual executable is

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1 hour ago, Lowlander said:

It's not in de C:\Program Files folder. 

That's the wrong folder. You want "C:\Program Files (x86)\". The " (x86)" part is important.

1 hour ago, Lowlander said:

If I right-click in start menu I don't get the option "Open file location". 

You found the Evernote folder in the Start Menu? Opened that up to see the Evernote shortcut? RIght clicked on that to show the "More" menu item, and then clicked on that? That should open to a submenu that says "Open File Location". This is what I see:



So ok, just find the shortcut that you use to start Evernote wit, right-click on it (not the one in the Start menu), and select "Properties....". That should tell you where Evernote is.

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Thanks for the help but the open file location just wasn't there. I also did a search on my entire C drive and no evernote.exe was found. Curious.

I uninstalled and installed again and now it's in the program folder. I have no clue what was the case but it's ok now :)

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24 minutes ago, dcon said:

You were probably running the version from the Window Store. Those get put into a very different path. (I run the direct-downloaded version also - I think most of us here do)

Was wondering whether that was the case. I installed the store version once, but didn't see the point, and never looked to see where it lived before I uninstalled it.

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18 hours ago, Lowlander said:

Yep, that's what happened I guess. No clue how I ended up with the Windows Store version but on the other hand I would expect the versions to be the same. Seems to be not the case :)

Thanks again guys!

The Store is updated on a slower cadence. (and the beta channel is direct download only) Initial releases are usually rolled out in stages - Windows entirely manages who gets it when you do a 5% release. But all direct users can get it without waiting by doing a 'Check for Updates' directly. (otherwise you get the notification in the rolling wave - of course who's in a wave is entirely different between the Store and direct!)

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