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Not Working at ALL - Not Saving Clips, Past Clips LOST

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Completely unresponsive -except for basically telling me to F off by leading me directly to the google chrome install page to give me the option of "uninstalling it" instead of doing the web click save I selected - the workflow in the knowledge base about "how to do the web clip" does not exist - it shows  that you select options that don't exist (not matter how nice and simple it appears in the handbook, if the steps you took in the handbook don't exist in the real world your KB is useless)...


I used Evernote back in 2013 and it was GREAT worked perfectly would have recommended it to EVERYONE - and I don't remember there even being a paid membership back then.. now 6 years later all of a sudden the technological capability is 1/1000th what it was 6 years ago and you're asking for a boatload of money? sounds like you're purposely putting out Sh*t product and then making people pay to make it work -bait and switch


I attached the error logs FYI



evernote error log.txt

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Hi.  We're a -mainly- user-supported forum.  If the last time you used Evernote was 6 years ago things will have changed,  but if you had an account then,  you should be able to log in with your user name and password via Evernote.com.  If you're using the same installed version of Evernote that you had back then,  I'm not even sure whether it's possible to update to a current version - you might have to uninstall and reinstall - again from Evernote.com. 

If you still have issues,  you should be able to get support from the company via Twitter and @EvernoteHelps (sadly,  free users don't get email support from Evernote).  Please let us know how you get on - it may help us to help you if you can tell us what device and OS you're using.

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