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disappearing notebooks



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Do you have more details around this? 

Which browser did you use? 
Which operating system and version?
Were you on the New Evernote Web when you couldn't see your notebooks? 

Any more details would be appreciated. 

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I also have this problem. This morning I logged into Evernote to show someone how the snapshot clipping could help with an issue they had printing something (so trying to convert someone to Evernote). Except, using the new web interface only a few notebooks showed up (see NewWebPortal image). This freaked me out because I track my elderly mother's health using Evernote and you'll notice Mom is not one of the notebooks listed. I then switched to the old web interface and all of my notebooks can be see (see the OldWebPortal images). I am using Chrome with Windows 10, latest version (because Windows made things better for me just this morning). And as the OP said, I was on the New Evernote Web when I couldn't see my notebooks.  I saw this a few days ago as well but did not have the time to look into it then.

~Melody B




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