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(Archived) Can't sync my 2nd Mac

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I install Evernote 3 beta at my home iMac, and can sync with Evernote web server.

Then I go to work and install evernote 3 beta in other iMac, but I can't sync with the server.

I enter the username and pssw correctly, Evernote seems to sync, but nothing happen, no errors and no message are show on the screen.

Can somebody help me?

Thanks in advance,


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No, I don't have network proxies.

I install Evernote Beta 3 in a PC with WinXP that it is connected to the same network that the iMac, and the sync works great, but in the iMac I can't sync.

In the Activity windows, I see the message 'Downloading changes...' for a while but nothing is downloaded. The notes are in the server because I check it login to my web account

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