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Links to Google Drive doesn't work anymore

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When I click on the link to a Google Doc in my notes, a tab open in my browser, but I cannot access my Google Doc.

Instead, a Google Docs page tells me 

Impossible d'ouvrir le fichier pour le moment.

Vérifiez l'adresse, puis réessayez.

which means that it cannot open the file at this moment. It also asks me to check the address.

But when I go to Google Docs by myself, everything works properly, which means that the problem is the link in evernote.

I tried to erase the link and create it again, it works once and then it bugs again.

In Evernote Web : same bug.

What is wrong ? It has been working very well, thousands of times, before, and I didn't change anything.

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On 7/5/2019 at 3:38 PM, Matthieu DX said:

Finally...I still have problems and I don't know how to solve that...so anybody can help ?

Hi.  What sort of problems are you still having?

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OK - I open Google Drive by clicking this icon - 


Which opens the dialogue - 


To select a file and generate a link -


That's not the Google link I was used to,  but I haven't used the feature for a while,  and I'm not logged into my Google drive at present...

Is this broadly the same experience you're expecting?  I don't seem to be having problems...

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Hmmn.  AFAIK my links are OK - I jumped that one back and forth a bit,  then checked another note and went back. 

The first thing to try with Windows is always a system restart.  Then,  if this is still causing issues,  I'd suggest the next step would be to sign out of Evernote,  copy your existing database folder to your desktop for safety,  then uninstall / restart / reinstall and try again...

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I am experiencing the same kind of issues with links to gdrive files.  When I create a link using the button to attach from Google Drive, it creates the link in nice little box showing the file name.  Immediately, I click the new link to ensure it is working, and it does.  But, when I switch away and come back, the link no longer works.  I get a message "Sorry, unable to open the file at this time."  (using Chrome browser)

I have been conversing with Evernote support team for 8 days now, no solution yet.  Work around is to get shareable link from gdrive, and paste it into note.  You don't get the box, but the link does work.  This does not fix older links made using the button to attach from Google Drive.

Note that these issues are occurring on the Windows Evernote app.  The links all work from my android devices.


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2 hours ago, Matthieu DX said:

And I didn't even know how to contact Evernote support.

Only subscribers get access to email and chat support,  though there is a general access for everyone on Twitter @EvernoteHelps

The Forums here are -mainly- supported by experienced users,  though developers will chime in from time to time - it's good to post issues with new releases in one of the release threads forinstance where the devs for that version will be watching more closely than usual.  Evernote staff do read these posts,  but it's not easy to keep up to date with everything!

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I did a troubleshooting session with one of the Evernote techs, and demonstrated the issue with gdrive links failing. Although I didn't get this confirmed explicitly, I believe the issue was corrected by a server side fix, because my links started working the next day.  So, all my gdrive links are working now from Windows PC.  If you're still having issues, try upgrading to v6.20.


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