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Podio Integration

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I need help with Podio integration. I have a premium Evernote account. It connects fine, however when I click on the note in Podio it brings me to a page showing me the note and asks if I want to View or Join the note. Clicking on Join does absolutely nothing. I need to be able to pop up the correct note and go in to edit it. What can I do and what am I doing wrong? I even upgraded my free trial thinking I had to to resolve the issue and that did not. I also even upgraded my Podio account.

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You would think it would be a Podio question, However, the reason I posed it here, is because it opens an Evernote page clearly. See the screenshots. It opens Evernote but nothing lets me edit it, it is like in a review state. I have two, one if I attached a Notebook itself and one if I attach a specific note. If I attach the notebook there is a Join button that does absolutely nothing. So It has to be an Evernote issue as the tab it opens has the domain Evernote.com in it.



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