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EN Web: Notes duplicate every minutes

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Sometimes, when connected to EN web, I create a note and this note is duplicating automatically several times...

Sometimes, it even disregard changes I made within the note like adding a website link?!

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So you logged into your account through a FF session - on which OS (Windows, MacOS, ...) ?

Personally I use the regular clients, so not much experience with the web client. I remember there was an issue about Firefox not supporting the software that was used to program the current web interface. But I did not follow up, maybe it was resolved in the meantime. You can search the forum for threads about this. I just entered on my Mac into EN using FF, and created a test note, no problems doing so.

Another option would be to use another browser, like Chrome or Safari, Opera should work as well.

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I was on the actual version of Evernote and get back to the Classic version.

I connect with Firefox to evernote.com and use a Linux Debian 10 OS.

I tried to connect to EN with other browsers like Chromium and Midori... I can't pass the loggin page:

I set my user but the second field for the Password doens't even show...

This is all I can tell

Thank you for your help trying to sort this out.

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No issue. I am on Safari, plus FF, plus other „lean“ browsers. No Linux, so I am not aware what may be different there.

When I type in my user, and hit enter, the PW field is uncovered right below. Enter PW, hit enter again. In my case 2FA will then ask for a 6-digit-key, and that is it. Have to remember to cross this „remember my for 30 days“-box, to be able to use it without 2FA for the time being (my own machine, of course). 

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I'm glad everything works just fine for you.

Is there any way to get in touch with a tech guy from Evernote how could directly check those duplicates in my basket?

And then track back to the issue...

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Not really as you are on a BASIC account. EN restricts support pretty much to paying users. Nonpaying only get support on account issues (and of course on how to upgrade 😉 )

You may try this https://twitter.com/evernotehelps

Maybe they are interested when you mention that you are on Linux - rumor tells they want to firm up their standing with users of this OS.

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ok thanks for the info

unfortunately I do not have a twitter account

but as I'm working iince more than 5 years on Linux and tried many distros... maybe they'll read this post and get in touch with me....

I'll be glad to share experience and improve this tool

bye Pink & thanks again for your effort!

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