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真是嚇到了!!!若不是還沒空去找其它程式也有很多記事在Evernote 記事本。



提示內容為 "此記事本是由其他APP建立僅能唯讀" 但明明就是 在同一個App由Evernote建立的,以為短暫小問題幾天後就恢複,結果好幾個月過了還是一樣。




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12 hours ago, aggumbdbu said:

A few months ago, the previous Notepad was able to be modified after it was opened. It can't be modified at all.

 The prompt content is "This notebook is created by other APPs and can only be read only" but it is obviously created by Evernote in the same app. It is thought that the short-term problem will be restored after a few days. The result is not the same for a few months.

 There are also a number of blanks that have been copied and pasted elsewhere, which is also a few months.

 Yesterday after the deletion, re-download and re-synchronization. Today, the situation is still the same. I have added more than 20 seconds to select individual notebooks and the same notebook to open the second one. 

 Currently using the entry version, these are really troublesome, I dare not want to use the professional version, which friend can help answer, thank you very much.

--Translated by Google

Which device/platform are you using?

I'm using a Mac and iPad.

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