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importing backup enex files > 200mgs

Pat @ChildWatch



I'm trying to find a way to import some older backup files that are several gb in size. I don't want to move to Bear although on desperately needing access to one particular backup exceeding 1gb, I used Bear to open the file and retrieve the data. Bear is NOT a solution to my problem as its handling of clipped pages for example is problematic. Also Bear has issues with enex files that exceed 2Gb. I do not want to go near other notes solutions because their privacy policies are an issue and I handle sensitive material. So Evernote on Google servers and Bear on Apple servers are the only two options for me.

So what am I left with?

The ideal solution would be to construct a pgrm to breakdown the large enex files into sub 200mb segments and import them.  Does such a script exist?

I created a local notebook and tried to drag and drop the enex file into it but with no luck. 

I do hope that I'm missing some simple solution here that I just have not encountered yet. I can understand the need to manage data block sizes and volumes of sync traffic etc for such a large platform etc, but what would be the point of facilitating backups of notes/notebooks exceeding the new data limits meaning that they can never be reimported?

Kind regards, Pat

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On 5/28/2019 at 8:49 AM, Pat @ChildWatch said:

I created a local notebook and tried to drag and drop the enex file into it but with no luck. 

Was there an error message?

I don't use the enex export process, but I wasn't aware of limits619793911_ScreenShot2019-05-28at09_33_28.png.ecfc81adea87e689c9582071959ecd5f.png

edit: Just tested on my Mac with a 1.7GB enex file
Using File > Import   got this error 
Dragging into a local notebook is successful, but Evernote memory used shot up



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