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Selecting multiple notes, and merging should be possible



While aknowledging the logical limitations, still the web-based Evernote manager is very important for users’ mobility and for the much underestimated community of Linux users. So please, keep up in you efforts to make it a practical Evernote-managing tool. The main limitation I find most often is the inability to do something to several notes at a time. Clicking on mutiple notes with CTRL- and copying, tagging or merging them would be a nice improvent.

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In the general sense of gently kicking Evernote as an incentive to upgrade the web experience I voted you up.  Full disclosure - I'm also now half a Linux user,  having lost patience with Windows which is erratic, slow and - these days - frequently dangerous to update.. but unfortunately necessary for practical reasons in the day job.  My backup laptop runs Linux,  the primary is still on W10.

You already appreciate that there's a limit to what a browser-based app can achieve,  being limited to whatever local workspace and access the browser will allow,  and whatever download capacity the server can achieve over a remote link.  However,  Evernote haven't ever (to my knowledge) actually released a final a web client. 

There was - let's call it Plan A - back in the dim mists of time,  which was replaced by a beta - appropriately B - which had some upgrades so it almost became usable...  and then got replaced by version C which was a 'ground up revision'... that never got over ground level,  because version B (which is still available - switch between them in Settings) is still better in some respects.

Now.  Unless I'm falling for the hype,  or suffering a 'senior' moment,  I'm sure I saw recently something to the effect that Evernote's current focus on fixing persistent bugs and satisfying some common user complaints is going to pay off bigtime later this year.  The web client was mentioned too,  so we may not have long to wait for a better version D. 

On the other hand Evernote have used that 'later this year' expression before - and it turned out they weren't necessarily thinking of the same year that we were...

Still progress is being made - but if you find some things don't work in your version of Evernote Web,  do check them out in the 'other' web version while we still have it.  Sadly multiple note selection is not one of the options in either client.  If Windows is not an option at all - check out the Android (other mobile OS's are available) client.  Multiple note choice IS an possibility there!

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First time posting here, I've migrated from the desktop version to web client and it's made life a LOT easier and I'm using EN much more. However, there needs to be a select multiple notes functionality. 

I'm just about to start the "Building a Second Brain" course and will be significantly relying on Evernote. It's amazing this feature isn't enabled on the web client and seems it would be a simple addition. 

Plus 10 for this feature request. 

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This is such a basic feature that I'm very astonished it's not already present. I'm trying to create an automatic table of content but it's not possible as multiple select is not available. Thanks for proposing, I'm backing up your post a thousand times!

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