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I've recently started to use an old Jelly Bean Android device, a Samsung tablet, so I can take it with me during short work travels. I want desperately to install EN in it but it does not accept the new version.

Do you know where could I find a trustable apk for a Jelly Bean friendly version?



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Hi.  A quick google for evernote for android jellybean got me a list of hits including this one - https://androidapksfree.com/evernote/com-evernote/old/

If you go down the list you'll see it listed as 'jellybean' compatible at around version 8.

It's generally NOT a good idea to step back to older versions of apps - you're missing out on recent security protections and any features upgrades that might have been applied.  And downloading any software from third party sites carries its own risk.  I've not used this provider and can't recommend them - they're not connected with Evernote (or me) in any way.

As a subscriber,  you might try contacting Evernote direct to ask for their help - they may be able to link you up to their own back-catalogue downloads,  which would be preferable.  We're a (mainly) user-supported forum with no access to company resources.

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Hello gazumped,

thanks a lot. I could find a few through Google but I wasn't sure if they were trustable. I have figured it out I could locate Evernote in Galaxy Apps. It doesn't show in Google Play Store but it still shows in Galaxy Apps. I'm running it already. It's version 7.12. Now I don't know if I keep it or if I go for the version 8.0 through the APK.

I just use this old tablet when I participate in meetings and talks, so I find it important to have offline notes with text that I can use in those meetings, after working on them in my laptop.

So, if anyone is using an old Samsung device running Android, and looking for apps that don't show in the Play Store, try Galaxy Apps (I could find Twitter also in there, because it is not available in the Play Store either).


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