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Recover conflicted notes?



I am missing an entire meeting worth of notes I took Apr 26. Going back in windows desktop app and also on mobile, I only see what I had written before the meeting.

Notes were last synced 5/6.

I do vaguely remember deleting some conflicted notes.  

I am on the basic plan right now.

Is there any way to recover my notes from 4/26? Perhaps through note history?  If I upgrade to the premium plan now could I access those?


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This just in: I upgraded to Evernote Premium, checked note history, and the only past versions appearing are from early that morning before the meeting, and then seven days later on 5/3?  😰 

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5 hours ago, anand2112 said:

I do vaguely remember deleting some conflicted notes.  

I like the Note History feature; it maintains a complete history of the note, updated multiple times a day.

Conflict notes would be different notes; also maintaining their own note history,

A downside to the feature is that access is via the note itself.  Deleting the note means you can't access the note history.

Any chance of accessing the conflict notes?  Would they still be available in the trash?

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