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Jump to Notebook not working for me

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I'm a long time user of Evernote for Mac and I am making the jump to the world of Windows and am trying to learn to use Evernote for Windows. 

On the Mac, one of the shortcuts I use multiple times a day is CMD-J to jump to another notebook.When I press CMD-J a dialog pops up and I can start typing the name of the notebook I want to jump to and thne select it, press enter and I'm there. Super quick. 

So I found this page of shortcuts 


which says Ctrl + Shift + N is "Jump to notebook." 

But that is not working for me. Nothing obvious happens 

I am totally new to Windows 10 and Evernote for Windows. So I am willing to believe I am missing something obvious. But I'm kinda stuck. 

Does Ctrl + Shift + N work for anyone else? 


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In current versions of the Windows client, the shortcut for that seems to be Alt+Shift+N. Doesn't work in all contexts; only when your note list is present (so not when the notebook or tag panels are active).

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