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  1. Exactly. And I can even tolerate _some_ amount of nagging in other parts of the app, lik eon the account page. What crosses the line for me is seeing the nagware while I am woring on a note. That's when I am trying to focus on my work and seeing the nagware while I am working on a note interrupts my productivity and takes me out of my flow. Eernote always makes a big deal about understanding work productivity more than other note taking apps like OneNote. But they are not living up to that. And that's the last I am going to say on this issue. I have downloaded a trial version of O
  2. But I AM on a paid account. I should not have to see nagware if I am on a paying account. And the thing is, I don't mind the nagware when I'm navigating through menus or viewing my account apge. etc etc. But when I am trying to focus on work while working in an evenote, having to see distracting spam is crossing the line. Evernote of all companies should understand that. They were the first to really understand how to create a tool that helps you focus on work. And they are ruining it imho opinion by putting ads in the actual note. And what Evernote needs to realize is that while they ar
  3. Show context is turned off. When will Evernote remove this nagware from my notes?
  4. It does not show up on every note. Not sure what percentage of notes it shows up on. I am on the windows client and I have the Evernote Plus account.
  5. Yeah, it's more like an ad attached to the frame of the window. But nonetheless, It is a distraction while i am trying to focus on my work project. And yeah I can click hide, but it is still a distraction I don't appreciate and Evenote is always saying that they are a productivity tool and they emphasize that they are the best for productivity. I can deal with the ads and nagware in the UI of the menu etc. But seeing an ad while I am focused on work in a note is crossing the line for me. Calvin
  6. I went through the correct channels on the evernote web site and for general feedback they pointed me to these forums. Their web pages specifically said this was the place to go and it said that Evernote support personnel monitors these forums. So as far as I know, I followed the correct procedure for giving product feedback to Evernote. See attached screenshot
  7. This morning I was busy working in Evernote. I have a note for each project I am working on, with checklists, notes, embeds, the whole nine yards. But I noticed some Evernote ***** at the bottom of the note that I could not delete. See the attached screenshot. IT LOOKS LIKE EVERNOTE HAS EMBEDDED A SPAM ADVERTISEMENT IN MY NOTE AND I CANNOT DELETE IT. This is NOT COOL. I will not tolerate Evernote distracting me with spam ads within a note while I am trying to focus on my work. I have been a loyal paying customer for years and never once have I considered leaving Evernote for o
  8. +1 on the request to have multiple highlighter colors in a note. I don't just want to change the highligher color. I one to be able to hve some words in a note be highlighted in yellow and maybe other words highlghted in light blue.
  9. Greetings, I've recently run into a problem using Evernote that is starting to feel like a bug. Or maybe I am having a false memory. lol. In either case I need help! I make heavy use of reminders and I like to work on my notes in the order of the reminders. In the past, at least I remember it this way, I could click a reminder in the reminder list and the note would appear in the note panel and i could update it etc. Then I'd update the reminder date. And my recollection is that the note list would still be showing the reminders and the reminder would be moved down to the ap
  10. Yeah, I could do that. Probably will, for now at least. But that raises another irritation for me, which is you can't create a link that represents a saved search. Evernote is so good, but so frustrating sometimes. This issue will, for the first time, lead me to investigate other note taking apps. It's that much of an issue for me. Calvin
  11. Right. I have this set up I also have a quick note widget on my home screen. So its one click to open the widget (or swipe from top and click evernote quick note) . then one click on the microphone on the keyboard. Not bad. But you have to take your eyes off the road while driving. But this is what I am currently doing. I wish Evernote would give us some sense of whether or not they are going to "fix" thins. I put fix in quotes because I am 99.999% sure that google took away the ability specifically to cut evernote out in favor of their crappy note taking functions. (Can you say "restrai
  12. ACK! Feeling Very Frustrated Right Now. I've just spent two solid days organizing my whole life in Evernote. I mean everything I've got going on in every corner of my life to logging my exercise regimen to washing the dishes to saving for retirement. But this morning as I was finishing up. BAM. I got an error message saying that I am limited to 100 saved searches! Argh! I make heavy use of saved searches and now I've hit a brick wall. I can't do what I want to do because of an apparently arbitrary limitation in Evernote. Please please please let us have as many saved se
  13. I rebooted windows and the problem went away. Ctrl left click selects multiple notes Go figure.
  14. Greeting all. Long time EN user on Mac. Currently migrating my entire life to Windows 10. So learning to use EN on Windows 10. I am unable to select multiple notes in the note list of EN. I understand from reading above that I should be able to use ctrl-left click to select multiple notes or use shift-lift click to select a series. I con do these things in windows explorer with files no problem. So it's not a matter of not knowing how to do the clicks. But no matter what I do in EN, I can only select one note at a time. The one exception is that I can do a ctrl-A
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