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  1. Thanks for the info. Nice to know I'm not going crazy!
  2. Greetings, I've recently run into a problem using Evernote that is starting to feel like a bug. Or maybe I am having a false memory. lol. In either case I need help! I make heavy use of reminders and I like to work on my notes in the order of the reminders. In the past, at least I remember it this way, I could click a reminder in the reminder list and the note would appear in the note panel and i could update it etc. Then I'd update the reminder date. And my recollection is that the note list would still be showing the reminders and the reminder would be moved down to the appropriate spot in the reminder list. But the focus would still be on the reminders which made it easy to click on the next note in the reminder list. But something changed recently. Now when I click a reminder in the reminder list. The note shows up in the note panel, as expected. But the note list scrolls down to the note's entry in the note list which pushes the reminders up and out of view. That means after I am done editing the note I have to scroll back to the top of the list to get to the reminders list again. It doesn't sound lie much but it really slows down my work flow. In the Options window I see there is an option labeled "Scroll left panel item in to view when the item is selected" That sounds like exactly the behavior that I am seeing. Here's the problem. I have that item unchecked. But it is behaving as if it is checked. I have checked that box on and off a dozen times and I see no change in behavior at all. Evernote acts like that is always checked even if it is not. I even uninstalled and resinstalled Evernote, hoping that would clear things up. Is this a known bug? I am on windows 10 using Evernote version (308816) Public (CE Build ce-62.6.10954). And while I'm at it, I'd like to suggest that in the note list options where you can select how the note lists are sorted, it would be nice to have an option that lets you keep the notes sorted in the order of their reminders It would also be nice to have a short cut key to take you to the top of the note list or take you directly to the reminders list. Thanks Calvin Powers
  3. Yeah, I could do that. Probably will, for now at least. But that raises another irritation for me, which is you can't create a link that represents a saved search. Evernote is so good, but so frustrating sometimes. This issue will, for the first time, lead me to investigate other note taking apps. It's that much of an issue for me. Calvin
  4. Right. I have this set up I also have a quick note widget on my home screen. So its one click to open the widget (or swipe from top and click evernote quick note) . then one click on the microphone on the keyboard. Not bad. But you have to take your eyes off the road while driving. But this is what I am currently doing. I wish Evernote would give us some sense of whether or not they are going to "fix" thins. I put fix in quotes because I am 99.999% sure that google took away the ability specifically to cut evernote out in favor of their crappy note taking functions. (Can you say "restraint of trade"?) So it's not Evernote's "bug." Nonetheless, the ball is in their court to come up with a way for use to create evernotes by voice.
  5. ACK! Feeling Very Frustrated Right Now. I've just spent two solid days organizing my whole life in Evernote. I mean everything I've got going on in every corner of my life to logging my exercise regimen to washing the dishes to saving for retirement. But this morning as I was finishing up. BAM. I got an error message saying that I am limited to 100 saved searches! Argh! I make heavy use of saved searches and now I've hit a brick wall. I can't do what I want to do because of an apparently arbitrary limitation in Evernote. Please please please let us have as many saved searches as we want. Also, while I'm at it. It would be nice if we could arrange the saved searches in a folder hierarchy in the saved searches section of the left side panel. Calvin Powers
  6. I rebooted windows and the problem went away. Ctrl left click selects multiple notes Go figure.
  7. Greeting all. Long time EN user on Mac. Currently migrating my entire life to Windows 10. So learning to use EN on Windows 10. I am unable to select multiple notes in the note list of EN. I understand from reading above that I should be able to use ctrl-left click to select multiple notes or use shift-lift click to select a series. I con do these things in windows explorer with files no problem. So it's not a matter of not knowing how to do the clicks. But no matter what I do in EN, I can only select one note at a time. The one exception is that I can do a ctrl-A to select all notes in the list. But that's not what I need to do. Very frustrating? Anyone have any guidance on how to figure out what's wrong? I am on version: (308555) Public (CE Build ce-62.3.7750) Calvin
  8. Greetings, I'm a long time user of Evernote for Mac and I am making the jump to the world of Windows and am trying to learn to use Evernote for Windows. On the Mac, one of the shortcuts I use multiple times a day is CMD-J to jump to another notebook.When I press CMD-J a dialog pops up and I can start typing the name of the notebook I want to jump to and thne select it, press enter and I'm there. Super quick. So I found this page of shortcuts https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209004807 which says Ctrl + Shift + N is "Jump to notebook." But that is not working for me. Nothing obvious happens I am totally new to Windows 10 and Evernote for Windows. So I am willing to believe I am missing something obvious. But I'm kinda stuck. Does Ctrl + Shift + N work for anyone else? Calvin
  9. yeah I was mistaken on my earlier post. It did NOT work for me either. This makes me so mad at Google I feel like ditching the assistant all togeher.
  10. Update: I was mistaken. This did NOT work for me. The Assistant acted like it was saving the note into Evernote. It even showed me the evernote logo in the assistant window. But the notes were NOT stored in Evernote. They were stored in Google Assistant. Next step for me is to uninstall the assistant. It's unclear to me if you need Google Assistant in order for the "ok google" to work. But I'll find out soon. @John in Michigan USA Ah! "Create a note in evernote" worked for me this morning. I don't know if it makes a difference, but I did as three steps 1 "OK google" wait for ding 2 "Create a note in evernote" "sure what's the note" 3. "test test test" "Ok saving note." I'm going to try it a few days before declaring victory, but that seems to be the phrase that pays. Thanks Calvin
  11. Yesterday I was trying a gazillion different phrases, including "save a note to Evernote" as I was driving down the road and I think I managed to save a note in Evernote once. But I forget what phrase it was. But then this morning the first time I used it, it was back to storing in assistant. I submitted some scathing feedback on the assistant app with my email address and asking for instructions. I'll report back here if I hear anything from them. @kruger2147 Have you seen this behavior or heard of anyone else having this problem? I can't believe I would be the only one that has been hit by this.
  12. @kruger2147 Thanks for the info. Sadly neither worked. When I followed the instructions about going into Google assistant, I got to where you described But there was no "Lists" i the list of services. There was "Grocery List" which took me to a web page. There was reminders but that didn't let me specify an app. I tried "ok google save a note to evernote test" and it save the note someplace, but not Evernote. It's like the notes are actually stored in google assistant. I can say shwo notes and I get a list of them and I can tap one on the list and it opens up a simple text editor with a title and body. But it's not in evernote. I don't think I have left the assistant.
  13. Help!!! For months I have been able to say "Ok Google note to self xxx" and Android would save a new note in evernote with xxx in the body. I love this feature. I bet I use it 5 or 6 times a day. But today, out of the blue, it stopped working. Now when I say that, Google Assistant saves it somewhere else. Where? I am not sure. I think it is saving the notes in google assistant itself. I can say "OK Google show me my notes" and it will list the notes and I can tap them and see them and edit them even, but they are not in evernote. The are in something else. Sorry to be so vague on that point, but I can't tell. All I know is that it seems to be entirely within Google Assistant and it's definitely not Evernote. Argh. Very frustrating. I spent an hour on a chat today with Google One support and they eitehr couldn't or wouldn't help me. Any one know how I can fix this so that I can save notes to evernote again? I don't care if I have to say something slightly different to trigger it. But I've tried a bunch of different variations of the phrase and tired adding "with evernote" etc and so far have not been able to get it working again.
  14. Ack! Today I've been creating a bunch of saved searches to better organize my projects and kep track of them all. I am using the Mac OS X desktop version. I've got the latest update (Version 7.5.1). I just discovered that the list of saved searches does not scroll. So the saved searches I created that are at the bottom of the list are inaccessible because they have scrolled off the bottom of the list! WTF? Can someone fix this please??? Calvin Powers
  15. +1 on this feature request. This would enable me to create a simple table of contents in long notes. Better yet, why not support headings and/or mark down and then have the ability to autogenerate a table of contents?
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