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  1. I don't think it's a browser issue. on android you can edit the link in the note. Copy the URL and then go paste it into a new browser tab on any browser and it works just fine. But if you tap the link in the note, you get an invalid character error message.
  2. I've been told that Evernote staff were able to recreate the problem and it has been transferred to the dev team to fix.
  3. Thanks for checking. Tech support is supposedly unable to recreate the problem. So it's nice to know at least one other person has seen the issue and I am not going crazy.
  4. I'm on version 10.5 of the android app and I get this invalid URL / invalid character sometimes. I see it most often on google spreadsheet URLs. I started a separate thread for this issue. here: If you could take a minute and help us recreate that problem at the post on that thread I would appreciate it. Calvin Powers
  5. Need help from some community folks to recreate a problem. Should only take about 2 minutes: Here's a link to a google docs spreadsheet and it is publicly accessible so you can use it for your own tests. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LiOaeFhgrph9Kyjlzm73sZCT8emAgN6J5Bax3gOox3A/edit#gid=0 On the windows client, I pasted that URL into a new note and hit return. Evernote correctly recognized it as a Google doc and converted it into that gray box with the name of the google document and the google sheets logo. No problem. I also selected some text in the note called "test link" and pressed ctrl-K. A pop up dialog opened and I pasted the link in and saved it. On the Windows client, I can click either the grey box or the linked text with the mouse and my system's default browser (chrome) is launched and the google sheet is opened. No problem. But on my Android client if I tap either, I get an "invalid URL / invalid character" error message. I am on android version 10.5.1 (1110183) which I believe is the latest version. Evernote tech support tells me "Yes, the issue was tested on our end and it was not encountered. " So I am curious if it's just me or if anyone else can recreate this problem. Can someone else try to follow the steps above and report back here if they get the same error message? It would be very helpful to know if it's something specific to my instance of the Android app or not. Thanks Calvin Powers
  6. Thanks for confirming. Unbelievable. I am sick and tired of being Evernote's function tester. I have opened ticket #3271572 for this issue. Evernote: "Making Google Keep look good since 2020!" Calvin Powers
  7. According to the keyboard shortcuts documentation, pressing ctrl-1-9 will take you to the corresponding shortcut. On my Windows Evernote app. Ctrl-7 does not open the seventh shortcut. I have verified that it does not matter which shortcut is the seventh. In other words, if the shortcut is the 6th shortcut I can open it with ctrl-6 no problem. But if the same shortcut is the seventh, ctrl-7 will not open it. As far as I know, there is nothing else on my WIndows system that would be stealing the ctrl-7 keypress but at the same time, I find it hard to believe that ctrl-7 would not work when all of the other ctrl-x keys work. Can someone else try to recreate this problem and report back here? All you have to do is have seven shortcuts defined and stry to go to the seventh one by pressing ctrl-7. I am on: 10.8.5-win-ddl-public (2367) Editor: v118.1.15148 Service: v1.28.5 © 2019 - 2021 Evernote Corporation. All rights reserved
  8. Exactly. And I can even tolerate _some_ amount of nagging in other parts of the app, lik eon the account page. What crosses the line for me is seeing the nagware while I am woring on a note. That's when I am trying to focus on my work and seeing the nagware while I am working on a note interrupts my productivity and takes me out of my flow. Eernote always makes a big deal about understanding work productivity more than other note taking apps like OneNote. But they are not living up to that. And that's the last I am going to say on this issue. I have downloaded a trial version of One Note. I am skeptical of it from what I see on thei product web site. But at this point I figure I'm going to at least kick the tires on it. But I can't hardly imagine leaving Evernote. I have invested so much time and effort developing my eorkflow around Evernote that it would be tough to imagine leaving. But if OneNote can give me an ad-free experience for the same price. I might have to.
  9. But I AM on a paid account. I should not have to see nagware if I am on a paying account. And the thing is, I don't mind the nagware when I'm navigating through menus or viewing my account apge. etc etc. But when I am trying to focus on work while working in an evenote, having to see distracting spam is crossing the line. Evernote of all companies should understand that. They were the first to really understand how to create a tool that helps you focus on work. And they are ruining it imho opinion by putting ads in the actual note. And what Evernote needs to realize is that while they are the first, and arguably the best for this type of tool, they are no longer the only viabble players in this market.
  10. Show context is turned off. When will Evernote remove this nagware from my notes?
  11. It does not show up on every note. Not sure what percentage of notes it shows up on. I am on the windows client and I have the Evernote Plus account.
  12. Yeah, it's more like an ad attached to the frame of the window. But nonetheless, It is a distraction while i am trying to focus on my work project. And yeah I can click hide, but it is still a distraction I don't appreciate and Evenote is always saying that they are a productivity tool and they emphasize that they are the best for productivity. I can deal with the ads and nagware in the UI of the menu etc. But seeing an ad while I am focused on work in a note is crossing the line for me. Calvin
  13. I went through the correct channels on the evernote web site and for general feedback they pointed me to these forums. Their web pages specifically said this was the place to go and it said that Evernote support personnel monitors these forums. So as far as I know, I followed the correct procedure for giving product feedback to Evernote. See attached screenshot
  14. This morning I was busy working in Evernote. I have a note for each project I am working on, with checklists, notes, embeds, the whole nine yards. But I noticed some Evernote ***** at the bottom of the note that I could not delete. See the attached screenshot. IT LOOKS LIKE EVERNOTE HAS EMBEDDED A SPAM ADVERTISEMENT IN MY NOTE AND I CANNOT DELETE IT. This is NOT COOL. I will not tolerate Evernote distracting me with spam ads within a note while I am trying to focus on my work. I have been a loyal paying customer for years and never once have I considered leaving Evernote for one of the many emerging competitors. But if Evernote does not remove these spammy ads from my notes AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. I will start looking for a new place to do my work. Probably One Note. Will someone from Evernote please let me know when these spam ads will be removed from my notes? Calvin Powers calvin@calvinpowers.com
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