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How can I restore my note?

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I wrote a note on Android App for several mounths. Now I realize it was bigger than 25MB and it did'nt synchronized with server. After hard reset of my phone and reinstalling the app this note disapeared( How can I restore it?.. At least partially. It was once <25MB and synced successfully

any help will be appreciated


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Hi.  Sign into Evernote.com and have a look for your note.  If it's not immediately obvious,  search for any keywords that might find it.  You may be lucky and link up to the partial information,  but there are potential problems.  Even though the note was once synced to the server,  errors on unsuccessful syncs may have corrupted the information;  plus when the note got too big to sync,  the only current information existed on your Android,  and when that was deleted the original note may also have been affected.

The Server copy of the database at Evernote.com is the definitive copy - if the note doesn't exist there or in the Trash folder,  there's no remaining data on the server.  If part of the note is still available,  you may be able to use Note History to find more,  though that's a paid feature.

My preferences - always keep backups of your data,  and don't create super-long notes.  Many small notes linked by a common title or tag are just as good,  and any data loss can then only be partial - most of the note would survive.

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