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I am an evernote user on my windows computer and love it.

I would like to be able to write inside it with something like Notability or Pen ultimate as i am doing with ipad but want to use my surface pro...

Is there something to do that ?

I know that there is the poor "Note manuscrite" inside Evernote but i need better to be able to continue to work correctly...(?)

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I have been using Evernote for several years now and I have come to depend on it. The integration with web browsers and web clipping is essential for me.
Recently I have moved to a Surface Pro 6 so I can use a pen for marking up documents and taking notes.

But I am sorry to say that the pen support in Evernote is unacceptable. Although I hate to give up the features I like in Evernote, the ability to use a pen is exactly what I have been waiting for (for 20+ years). I have started the painful process to move all my notes to Microsoft One Note.

I would love it if I could continue to use Evernote (I am a premium customer - so I am paying for it) but I found that there is not much focus on features that enhance my ability to take notes, annotate documents and search annotations. Before you point me to all of the pages that describe how Evernote supports these things I will tell you I have tried it and they are unusable. Please try using One Note on a Surface pro for a few weeks (with a pen) and you will start to understand what I am talking about.

This is not to say that One Note is perfect, there are many features it also lacks. One big problem I have is with how both Evernote and One Note work with PDF documents and annotations. I wish you both would take some time to think carefully about how people (humans) interact with documents and what we need. For example, when I am working with PDF documents I need to be able to make annotations and mark up the documents - and it would be very helpful if I could search these annotations later. The best tool I ever found that supports this is called (oddly) PDF Exchange. 

I am not trying to focus only on PDF documents, but bring this up only to illustrate that we need tools like Evernote to do a better job at making the job of note taking easier. I think this is your only chance to compete with other tools like One Note.

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On 8/2/2020 at 10:36 PM, kevin@astoundry.com said:

I just got a Surface Pro 8 which I love but I cannot edit existing notes. This is a HUGE drawback for Evernote. I may have to switch to Microsoft notes as well.

Hi.  We can probably suggest some checks if you can explain why you "can't edit" your existing notes - are you using the web interface? Can you see the note content? What happens when you try to edit?  What errors / messages do you see? 

As a subscriber you could also reach out to Support - this is a (mainly) user-supported forum.  We can't check under the hood for account issues.

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