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Colleague revoked access to a note, and re-added me to the same note. Now it won't let me access.

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A colleague shared a notebook with me, then revoked access (as I thought it wasn't coming up but it turns out I had logged in on the wrong email), so I asked them to add me back onto that same notebook but it is not coming up, instead with a message "Either you need permission to access or the notebook was moved or deleted". The notebook definitely hasn't been deleted. We are using Evernote on IOS/Mac. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi.  No clue as to what's causing the glitch here,  but I'd suggest your colleague revokes access again,  then signs out of Evernote and back in.  Before speaking to them though,  try the same  thing (signing out and back in) and throw in a system restart as well for good measure.  If that doesn't fix the access,  try the revoke / reassign thing again.

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