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(Archived) Novice Help!

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I'm brand-new to Evernote and I have a few simple questions the answers to which are probably available somewhere in the FAQ or Knowledge Base. Can't find them. Would someone please point me to answers to these questions or simply answer them:

1. I'm a FREE member. How much storage space do I have without upgrading?

2. I believe I can upload PDF and MP3 files (mp3's being self-produced, podcast type) to Evernote. Is this correct?

3. I have a Google Blog. After uploading an MP3 and/or a PDF, if this is possible, may I enter a link to a particular file of that type in my blog and readers/listeners would be able to open it in a straightforward manner, without a password, etc., from the blog?

I'd be most grateful for answers to these relatively simple questions that I can't find the answers to on the Evernote site.

Thank you,


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