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Can't stop bullets striking out! (with video)

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Hi.  You say 'a note' as though this applies to one note only.  If you start a different new note,  does this still happen?  If so,  I agree it seems to be a bug - though I haven't seen any other reports of this kind of issue...


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It's a single note.  I believe it was triggered when I moved some (struck out) text from a bullet list to elsewhere in the document.    Feels like the sort of thing where HTML can get out of whack if a starting and closing tag get out of order.

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Hmmn.  If you need to save the existing content of the note,  you could try exporting to ENEX and then delete the original and re-import.  That should kill any rogue codes.  Failing that,  copy and paste sections to a text-only editor and copy/ paste from there into a new note and reformat.  Killing the original note with fire seems like the only viable option.

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