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hello , i bought a new phone and i downloaded evernote

i forgot the password then i asked for reset 

and i set a new password and accessed my evernote to find out all the notes are gone

and i got only one note left from 2012

please can anyone help me to restore my notes

and what should i do?

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Hi @yvonna2004, and welcome to the forums! This sounds like it could be a classic case of accidentally creating two accounts (it's surprisingly easy to do). Check your login credentials--username/email as well as password. Might there be an account under a different email address that has the other notes? The other thing to do would be to go to a computer (it won't work on an Android phone) and log in to Evernote in a Web browser (https://www.evernote.com/client/web), again being careful of the credentials. If the notes are accessible there, then they're still in existence. Hope this is some help.

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