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Ability to clip multiple articles

Puneet Khurana


I have some websites which I have been reading for long but since now I am completely making Evernote as the digital brain, wanted to know if there is anyway to get a lot of past articles from the blogs / websites in a more efficient way than individually going to each article link and using web clipper. 

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Hi.  Sadly there's no way to copy a list of links into Evernote and have the content automatically show up in separate notes,  or even the same one.

I think we need to know a little bit more about how your  past articles from the blogs / websites are stored currently.  If you already have links,  do you really need to download the full content of all of them immediately,  or could you phase in the downloads by waiting until a topic comes up and only then downloading the related links?

Do you have paper or electronic copies of the past articles that could be copied or scanned into Evernote?

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