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(Archived) Unable to Get Tag to Stay on Note

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I have the latest upgraded version (94533) that I am running on Windows XP. Again, this problem just started about a week or two ago. The release notes state that they had fixed this bug, but right now I ca not seem to get a tag to "stick" for any notes I create.

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I found this was an issue in the 3.3.5 Windows client when I was trying to add tags by typing - it seems to work for me provided you get the capitalisation right, for example:

The tag you want is 'Holidays', previously in EN you would type 'hol' and chances are it would complete the tag for you (provided you have no other tags beginning 'hol'), since the latest update I need to type 'Hol' (note the capital 'H') that seems to allow it to work.

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