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IdeaPlaces Integration


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I am very new to Evernote and have also downloaded the app IdeaPlaces.




I have a large number of Construction Project Photos I have taken in different areas throughout my city. I am wanting to tag different sites, with their accompanied photos, and send these photos to my clients. The idea Places Evernote  extension has done a great job displaying the photos I have taken at their respective locations. My questions come up as I try and choose a certain set of photos to share, how I am able to share these photos, and how to designate what can or cannot be seen in a given locations set of information.


If this makes sense to anyone and they have a solution it would be greatly appreciated!





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Hi.  I can suggest something that would work in a standard Premium account - I don't know about a Business account,  as I gather there's some issue about sharing notes with non-employees (?).  Some experimentation might be required.

If (in Premium remember) you create a Table of Contents page for notes containing images from specific areas,  and share that ToC note with a client (having also public-shared all the image notes),  the client will have access to that set of notes.  Copy the ToC to another note and add or delete links and send that to another client,  and they will be able to see a different set of images,  some of which will be the same as the first client.

Try it out first though by setting up a secondary Basic account for yourself and share to that,  because sharing to non-Evernote users is not necessarily as intuitive as it might be.

There's another app called Filterize which can create auto-updating tables of content if that might be an ongoing issue.

How to create a table of contents with links to other notes

Please let us know how you get on - and,  obviously,  ask any questions here that you might have along the way...

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