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Evernote and Pocket


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Trying out a new tablet workflow today.  While I've had generally good results with desktop browsers and web clipper, the android share of web pages to Evernote has been less than stellar.  I had been intending to dabble with pocket anyway as temporary storage for 'someday' articles that interested me, then pushing to Evernote if more than novel interest.  Also thought saving to Pocket for interim period would be cleaner than creating offline notebooks for offline reading. Well, on android at least Pocket excels at formatting web pages beautifully; a better analogue to the simplified format of the desktop clipper. If deemed worthy of long term storage, Pocket sends to Evernote with the Pocket formatting pretty much in tact.  I like it so much I've been going through some of my commonly referenced notes and beautifying them through Pocket.

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13 hours ago, Mike McGowan said:

Happy to hear that + and that comment alone has convinced me to give this a try this weekend.

Upon further review... still good but varies a lot site by site. I think it's more an issue with the target site than Pocket. The first test subjects were very open, generally uncluttered well organized sites to begin with.  At that level the main difference between EN and Pocket is that EN only (I believe) renders the raw web view usually less attractively than default browser. Pocket by default renders the 'reader' view, generally more elegantly than the default browsers 'reader' view.  However, the more gated, ad laden, commercialized sites, typically magazine type or newspapers seem to block the rendering of the 'reader' view.  Pocket still allows you to select web view, but not really any better than the default browser.  My own tastes tend towards more institutional/educational sites and blogs so I hope to still get a lot of mileage out Pocket.

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