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Trouble deleting notes/notebooks due to sync issue



Hello I am having trouble deleting notes from my account.  When I go to delete a note or a notebook that contains a note which has reached its maximum size I am unable to do so.  I've tried removing data from the individual notes in order to make them sync-able but that doesn't seem to help either.  

When I attempt to delete the items I am prompted with the "are you sure" dialog box and I click that I do, in fact, want to delete it the dialog box below pops up telling me I need to upgrade to premium. I don't want to do that because of what I need to do with this program is changing and its not worth the expense for me.

My membership is an old "Plus" that doesn't really exist anymore so I have a 50MB note limit and it seems silly and a waste of time to have to delete parts of a note to get them to size just so I can totally delete the whole note! I am extraordinarily frustrated. I just want to clean up my notes and make use of what I actually need to have in the system.

Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome.  

Evernote screenshot.jpg

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On 1/7/2019 at 4:09 PM, jilljobbitt said:

Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome.  

Does it make any difference if you move the note to a local notebook and then try to delete it?  Just a WAG...

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