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I downloaded the latest version of Evernote, and while I still had my notes in the older version of Evernote, they got deleted. I'm studying for my exam and made notes recently in the old version. Now there is no content after I downloaded a new version of Evernote. And with old and new Evernote, I have different login accounts. Is there a fix to this? Please help!! 

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20 hours ago, NoorEJahan said:

I downloaded the New Evernote while still having Evernote Touch on my desktop. Here are a couple of things that happened, keeping in mind that I used a different email for the new evernote login.

1) The content in my Evernote Touch disappeared. I clicked on a notebook, entered it, and then content gone. And those are 2 notes for my exam - studying material!

2) I signed out of the Evernote Touch to see if I could retrieve my notes when I sign in. I forgot password, clicked on forgot password. Signed in to my Outlook email to check for email which I don't ever use it. No reset link sent to that email. I clicked on forgot password a few times, still no single link.

So now, I can't SIGN in to my EVERNOTE TOUCH + 2 missing notes for my exam which had a lot of content in it!!!! :(

Please help!! :( :( :( 

Hi.  I deleted your other post because it was in the wrong forum (feature requests) and having two live posts on the same issue gets confusing.  I copied that post here,  because you had a little more detail there.

The user name and login for your account is required to open the correct set of notes.  If you have two logins,  you have two sets of notes.  It should be possible to request a password reset from Evernote.com if you choose the login button at the top right of the page.  If you're not receiving the emails,  it may be because they're being stopped by your spam folder,  or you may not have updated your email address if it changed.  There's no way to request a 'quick' reset,  but you can use Twitter and contact @EvernoteHelps to ask them to look into this for you.

(We're a -mainly- user-supported forum and have no access to Support or to any password-related systems).

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