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Ios ipad webpage clipping



Is it just me, i find that ios share to evernote or copy to evernote (depending on app) is very variable deprnding on app and webpage  - sometimes  renders  ok in  evernote, other times it will not work and renders  jibberish.  The bookmarklet javascript work around seems flawed and no longer works, and apoesrs unsupported by evernote guidances.  Is there an ios shortcut script option that works? (Pethaps including diffbot?).

As the ipad is now a major web content consumption device (pc more for wordprocessing and other non-consumption related activity), the excellent  desktop web browser clipper needs to be recreated in ios/ipad device..

This is critically important.  Nothing is more importnat than this. Fix the ios share to evernote functionality and make it fast, make it reliable, make it render in evernote really well.

Evernote premium is very expensive and over the last five years I no longer feel like i get my moneys worth. The ability to clip as well and as reliabily in ios as it is in desktop is critcally important.  We have waited and waited, playeed with wonky  workarounds with nil evernote support. This must be fixed, and fixed soon.  No excuses. No questions. You know the issues and have been ignoring them for the last three to five years.


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The Safari clipper on iPhone and iPad has lost a critical behavior, making it difficult to use and nearly useless for me: it no longer prefills the note title from the web page.

Before version 10, when you activated the clipper from the Share Sheet, it would grab the web page title and pre-fill the Evernote note title using it. Now it presents just a blank text field. Many web pages' rendered titles are links, and some are images, making it difficult or impossible to copy and paste the title's text.

I know it should be able to grab the title, because other apps on my Share Sheet are able to extract the titles from the same web pages. (I don't know whether it pulls it from rendered text or from pages' <title> metadata. This is a huge step backward for this functionality, and I hope to see it restored with an update very soon.

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