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Old device fried, how to retrieve notes for new device?

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I just had to purchase a new phone. My old phone was fried beyond repair. I always used your Evernote program and have a lot of information I would very much like to get back. Is there a way this can be done? I doubt know how or where this information was stored.

I had a similar problem a couple years ago was able to talk to someone to help.

I did find a file called "com.evernote" that was empty. 

Thank you.
Michael Costa

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Hi, Michael, and welcome to the Evernote forums! We're user-to-user here, for the most part, so we're not Evernote's tech support as such. With that understood....

The way Evernote works is that the notes you take on your phone sync to Evernote's servers ("in the cloud"). Then they are available to you not only on the phone but on other devices as well. So on your new phone, you simply need to install the Evernote app, log on to your account using the same credentials you used before, and give your note data a few minutes (depending on your connection and how many notes you have) to download to the phone. What actually downloads is not the full content of your notes, but an index (for the sake of speed and storage usage). When you tap on a  note in the list, its content is then downloaded to the phone.

Hope this is helpful. They key is to log on using the same account credentials (username/email and password). Otherwise, you may accidentally create a new, empty account. But the notes created on your now-fried device should all be safe on Evernote's servers, assuming that the notes were all able to sync before the frying happened. Let us know how it works out!

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