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(Archived) Migration Options

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Hi all,

1. So I'm contemplating making the shift from a Windows folder/file based system to EN and wondering what the best strategy migration is.

I have literally years worth of notes/url shortcuts/pdfs/images/emails/videos etc organized into a Windows folder based personal knowledgebase. I don't mind paying for the premium upgrade, but I have probably north of 10GB worth to migrate so the 500MB monthly limit seems like a show stopper.

Of course, I could strip out the video files to bring the overall total down, but I'm stll likely in the several GB range w/o any videos. I've also got probably more than 1,000 folders of information all told.

Any tips on how to tackle this huge job?

2. What's the best way to get Gmail emails into EN? Is it better to forward an email using the special EN email address supplied, or is it quicker to use a web clipping approach?

Thnx in anticipation!

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IMO, it's a matter of organization & prioritizing. I'm actually in kind of the same boat & have thought about simply drilling to the top most folder level & making a copy of it. The original would remain the same and the new copy would be cut & paste into Evernote. IOW, if a file still exists in the newly created folder, it's very existence lets you know it's not been added to EN yet.

As far as prioritizing...really...notes form 10, 15, 20 years ago (I have them too!)...how often do you need them? So using the above method of tracking what's been added to EN, then prioritize the notes you will need in the most immediate future.

Gmail...I prefer to forward the entire thread directly to Evernote. You should try it to see if it works to your satisfaction. But I normally just select a thread & do a 'forward all' directly to Evernote.

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