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  1. Wow. Thx so much guys. This is going to take some processing. One immediate question I do have however. . . if nesting tags doesn't affect notebooks at all, what is the purpose of that nesting? Simply for visual organization and tag recall?
  2. Hi all, I'd love to get one or more of you gurus to straighten me out on this . . . I'm trying to figure out how to transition a large (windows based) library of folders and nested subfolders to EN. (Yes, I know I'm not the first . . . and I know I've got to ditch the folder paradigm in favor of using tags). One of the hangups I've got to figure out (with your help!) is the restriction on using the same nested tag under more than one parent tag. Hopefully an example will help. I have a folder for social media tools in my master reference folder (my knowledge base) with sub-folders for the category of tool, the name of the tool and then 'about' folders and 'how-to' folders for each tool. In the structure attached below, the tool categories are 'content' and 'influencers' (named to reflect how I want to use the tools therein). In fact, I have several more categories but kept it to just two here for simplicity. Note how one of the tools appears in both categories. The problem here is that 'about' and 'how-to' can't be sub-tags of multiple other parent tags. Do I have to tip this thing upside down and designate those sub-tags as top level parent tags? What about the tool (buzzsumo) that appears in more than one category? How does that play out? Thanks in anticipation.
  3. Hi all, 1. So I'm contemplating making the shift from a Windows folder/file based system to EN and wondering what the best strategy migration is. I have literally years worth of notes/url shortcuts/pdfs/images/emails/videos etc organized into a Windows folder based personal knowledgebase. I don't mind paying for the premium upgrade, but I have probably north of 10GB worth to migrate so the 500MB monthly limit seems like a show stopper. Of course, I could strip out the video files to bring the overall total down, but I'm stll likely in the several GB range w/o any videos. I've also got probably more than 1,000 folders of information all told. Any tips on how to tackle this huge job? 2. What's the best way to get Gmail emails into EN? Is it better to forward an email using the special EN email address supplied, or is it quicker to use a web clipping approach? Thnx in anticipation!
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