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How to create a link to my local file ?

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The above shows you how to create a link in Evernote, it doesn't show you how to create the actual clickable link, other than knowing the syntax for the text.

To create an actual clickable link, you need to have the downloaded version of Evernote, not the AppStore versions (sandboxing issues).

Select the file you want to link and then drag it into a web browser url area - Firefox works consistently for me.

Copy that text and paste it into the dialog box above, this will create a clickable link that opens the file (or folder) that is in the path.

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54 minutes ago, ColD said:

it doesn't show you how to create the actual clickable link

The post shows exactly how to create a clickable link.

It doesn't show how to identify the path to your file752166356_ScreenShot2019-12-23at7_52_09AM.png.4ebd2466bd4382f800fe9f7092b4a45c.png
Your trick with the browser works,
also right click on the file and hold down the option key

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You can create a ".fileloc" file and copy that into your notes.  It contains the path of the file/folder to be opened.  Create it by dragging the above mention "file:///..." path from your browser to you Mac desktop.  As of this writing, OSx will create the ".fileloc" automatically.

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