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Lost Everything

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Only noticed this when I upgraded my phone, but I have no notes stored on Evernote on ANY platform. My profile says I have been a member since 2017, so I know I'm using the right account.
Surely this has happened before, does anyone have any suggestions?



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  1. Go to a computer and sign on to the Evernote site. Are your notes there? If so, uninstall and reinstall the iOS app. The backup/restore may not have worked right, and backup doesn't restore notes, as those are on the service. Logging in on your iOS app will restore the notes on that first sync.
  2. If that doesn't work, be sure it is the right account. I know you say this was since 2017, but it is possible you created two, and your other account has the notes.

It is, AFAIK, impossible to lose notes when you switch phones unless your original phone never actually sync'd anything. But if that was the case, it would have had the green sync triangle on every note showing it hasn't yet sync'd.

If that is the case, your only recourse is to get your old phone and fix the error and have it sync via WiFi.

If you are still stuck, contact support and let them see if they can help find your note database in their cloud.


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