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Script Request - Shopping List



Hey newb here, but long user of Evernote for Android. Hope everyone is doing well this thanksgiving. 

I have a request for a Script, if possible. Here is the rundown.

I have a shopping list right, example below.

□ bread

□ milk

□ yogurt

The idea is that as I go to the store I mark the items already in my bag, imagine about 15 items more or less. So I end up with everything checked and go to home.

In a week I drank the milk and ate the bread, but I still have yogurt. So I have to go to the super market. I go to the Evernote Note and uncheck only milk and bread. 

The request of the scrip is that, as soon I uncheck milk and bread, they move to the top of the Note. Hence this will facilitate me to have always the unchecked, need it items to buy at the supermarket.

Has anyone else thought of this before?

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I moved the discussion to the feature request forum.

This is one of many features that are better handled by a shopping list app.
Evernote is a more generic filing app and I suspect there will be little response.

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