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Forwarded email seen in cloud but not on Mac

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I forwarded a gmail message to evernote and do see it when I go to www.evernote.com, but I don't see it on my local Mac Evernote.  (clearly I'm a novice Evernote user and perhaps am missing something).  I have hit the sync button on Evernote for Mac.  Any idea what's going on?  When I click 'About Evernote' on the Mac it shows version 7.5.2. Thanks!

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Actually, I applied the latest update to my Evernote on the Mac and now I see the emailed note.  Not sure if it was just a delay (although I had sync'd) or the update, but in any event, for the time being anyway, all is well.  This was the first time I had noticed that the email hadn't shown up, but I don't always go back to Evernote to check after forwarding an email.  Thanks for you response.  

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