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Confused how to use Evernote, due to missing features



The "Submit feedback" process guided me to post my feedback here.

I'm confused how to use Evernote these days - I've been a very long Premium customer, but features which seem critical are removed over the years. Note, I do not use Windows/Mac, so I can only use the Web and Android clients.

  • No merge of notes! (this is crazy, it means I can't consolidate my notes on a topic)
  • No ability to look up notes based on a map anymore - I just now was trying to find an old note (which had no words in it, just photos of objects), I knew WHERE I made the note, but it took me a long time to find it, especially since the new web client wasn't showing me thumbnail images as I scroll down the notes
  • No print! I don't understand this one either. I want to be able to give a paper copy to someone. Can't seem to do that. If I view the note full screen on Web, and print via browser, it clips the photos...

Am I the wrong type of user? These seem like basic functionality...

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27 minutes ago, Nick_ said:

Note, I do not use Windows/Mac, so I can only use the Web and Android clients.

imho  The Windows/Mac platforms are required for using Evernote.  These plaforms provide access to the full featureset; the other platforms are supplemental.

There are requests for specific features on the Web and Android platforms.  You're welcome to indicate your support using the voting buttons.

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